About the O.E.N.

Organization Profile

The restructuring of the energy industry in Ontario, first in the natural gas sector, and then in the electricity sector, created an important need for increased communications, dialogue, and networking opportunities. The Ontario Energy Network (OEN) was formed for this very purpose. The “OEN” is dedicated to providing networking activities and inter-jurisdictional information for all energy industry segments with a commitment to providing significant strategic networking benefits to all stakeholders.

Our mission is “to provide networking opportunities in support of the leaders of the energy industry in Ontario”.

The following is a brief overview of the purpose, structure, and membership benefits of the Ontario Energy Network.


  • OEN provides regular networking opportunities for members of the Energy Industry in Ontario, with a particular focus on senior and emerging energy sector leaders;
  • OEN facilitates effective industry communication and increasing benefits for the membership, community, constituents, and consumers;
  • OEN operates as an inclusive association, open to all constituents who are materially involved in the Ontario Energy Industry;
  • OEN acts as a window to current energy events, issues, and opportunities in Canada and other leading energy jurisdictions; and
  • OEN supports charitable organizations or causes.

The corporation shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the corporation shall be used in promoting activities.
The organization is not political and will operate strictly within the legal requirements of the Competitions Act of Canada. Its purpose is not to lessen competition but to improve the overall effectiveness of the energy industry and increase benefits for constituents, the community, and consumers.
Ontario Energy Network is structured as a “Not for Profit” association under the Ontario Corporations Act.

Membership Structure

The OEN membership categories are Voting, Corporate, Affiliate, Individual, and Life members. Employees of Voting, Corporate, and Affiliate member organizations in good standing may participate in OEN events at member rates. Full details of member benefits may be found by clicking on the appropriate membership category.

Interested parties may contact John Loucks at john.loucks@ontarioenergynetwork.org.

Please note, for full details on member benefits, opportunities, fees, etc. please contact John Loucks at john.loucks@ontarioenergynetwork.org.