OEN 2020 Scholarship Winners

The Ontario Energy Network is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2020 scholarships. Our winners are all outstanding young people, and we are delighted that all three winners this year are women. The OEN Indigenous Energy Scholarship for 2020 goes to Joleigh Hayes, an Honours Commerce-HR/Industrial Relations student at Lakehead University. Alexis Whitworth, winner of the OEN 2020 Women in Energy Scholarship, is a Power Engineering student at Cambrian College.  Martinique Stastna, who is studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph, has been awarded the 2020 OEN Sustainable Development Scholarship. All three of our winners have been invited to a future OEN networking event, where we can publicly recognize them for their achievements.

Joleigh Hayes
2020 OEN Indigenous Energy Scholarship

Our 2020 OEN Indigenous Energy Scholarship winner is Joleigh Hayes, a Fourth Year Honours Commerce student at Lakehead University. Joleigh, who is from the Fort Frances area, has previously been recognized with a Hydro One Award in HR and is interested in pursuing a career in that field. She has also been selected to participate in a BDO Aboriginal Mentorship Program. Joleigh is a volunteer and her hobbies include athletic organizations like CanSkate, volleyball and hockey, as well as outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and trapping. Joleigh Hayes hopes to be a leader and mentor to young people in her northern community.

Alexis Whitworth
2020 OEN Women in Energy Scholarship

The winner of the 2020 OEN Women in Energy Scholarship, Alexis Whitworth, is a Second Year Power Engineering student at Cambrian College. A co-op placement at the Bruce Power Generating Station near her hometown of Kincardine has piqued an interest in a career in nuclear electricity generation. Alexis has volunteered in her community at an animal shelter and at the Kincardine Women’s Triathalon. She enjoys nature and the outdoors, including hunting and fishing. Alexis Whitworth has a goal of earning her 2nd Class Power Engineer classification by the time she graduates.

Martinique Stastna
2020 OEN Sustainable Development Scholarship

The 2020 OEN Sustainable Development Scholarship has been awarded to Martinique Stastna, a Third Year Environmental Engineering student at the University of Guelph. Martinique has held student placements with the University of Waterloo, the City of Kitchener and Parks Canada. She enjoys being part of a team, which she has done in the sports of volleyball, basketball, rep soccer and competitive figure skating. Martinique Statsna is interested in a career in renewable/clean energy and hopes to be involved in finding new eco-friendly ways to power our world.